Low Dose Accuracy in Neonatology

“In a 500g newborn infant, enteral drugs are often prescribed in volumes as small as 0.1ml or even 0.01ml.” However, “Laboratory testing shows a mid-tolerance [ENFit™] connector pair in a female to male orientation displaces a mean average of 0.148 ml […] of fluid“.

Extract of ISO 80369-3:2016

Neonatal survey on the accuracy needs

Neonatal survey on the accuracy need for low dose administration of drugsAs a survey conducted in NICUs from 11 countries shows, very low volumes of enteral drugs (0.05ml – 0.1ml) are administered daily to neonatal patients. Misdosing of many enteral medicines can be detrimental for patient health, so a high level of accuracy in drug administration is required. The design of the ENFit™ connector, with a possible 0.148ml overdose, is judged by the 126 neonatal specialists interviewed, to provide inadequate dose accuracy for ENFit™ ‘s universal use in neonatology.



The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia shared data showing that more than 80 different oral medications are administered in volumes less than 2 ml and 1,250 of these doses are prepared every day, representing 48% of their daily administered oral doses. (1)


Example of common NICU low dose administration  



  • (1) Update on implementation of the new ENFit™ enteral connectors – ISMP newsletter – June 30, 2015