Nutrifit, the comprehensive ENFit range of Vygon

Vygon launches its ENFit™ range, Nutrifit®

A comprehensive safety enteral feeding range

After years of collaboration with the ISO to create a standardised safety enteral connector, Vygon is proud to launch its ENFit™ range, called Nutrifit®.
Nutrifit® is a comprehensive ENFit™ range, with a large choice of feeding tubes, syringes, extension lines and accessories. Our objective is to meet all your needs.

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How to provide safety in enteral therapy for every patient

Nutrifit® & Nutrisafe2, Two Ranges for One Goal.

Patient safety and best care must be a top priority, to address this Vygon provides a comprehensive ENFit™ range, called Nutrifit®, but also recommends for neonates and newborns the use of Nutrisafe2, the smallest safety enteral connector in order to obtain a high dose accuracy.

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Nutrifit (an ENFit range)and Nutrisafe2, the Vygon's safety enteral feeding systems compliant with ISO 80369
The Low Dose Tip (LDT) syringe can lead to dose inaccuracy or overdosage

The “Low Dose Tip” syringe can lead to dose inaccuracy

The new syringe design, called Low Dose Tip (LDT) syringe, doesn’t fully address concerns about dose accuracy in neonates. Laboratory testing showed inconclusive results.

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ISO 80369-3 is now published !

A new ISO Standard to provide safety in enteral feeding therapy

In July 2016, the International Organisation for Standardisation published the ISO 80369-3, which creates a standardised safety enteral feeding connector. This new connection, named ENFit™, prevents the likelihood of tubing misconnections by its specific design.

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ISO International Organization for Standard