ISO80369-3 ENFit syringe can lead to inaccurate dosage

ISO 80369-3 Enfit syringe can lead to an overdosing. This 0.148ml volume displacement is particularly inacceptable for oral drug medications administrated in small low dose to neonatal patients.


The Low Dose Tip (LDT) syringe can lead to dose inaccuracy or overdosage

The Low Dose Tip (LDT) syringe doesn’t address the neonatal concern about dose accuracy. The laboratory testing shows inconclusive results. With the current common practices, the overdosing risk remains equivalent as ENFit syringe, which is inacceptable for neonatal patients.


A drawing-up device can't eliminate the ENFit overdosing risk

The volume displacement risk of ISO 80369-3 ENFit syringe can’t be eliminated. Even if the draw-up or adpator device is correctly used, the tension surface effect and/or the viscosity of the medication can lead to a variation ( inaccuracy, overdosing) in the delivery (up to 0.148ml).